About Us

Welcome to our "About US" page. NOPSA, or the Nordic Political Science Association is the Scandenavian extension of the several national associations of political science from the countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. The association in its early format was created to promote the concept of political science as an entire discipline with the co-operation among the several political scientists residing and working in those countries of Nordic origin.

NOPSA has as its mission set out to:

NOPSA comprises a board containing a minimum of two members from each of the political science associations of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark with one representative of the association of Iceland. A chairperson is elected to the board from among its members and a sectretary is apponted by the board.

The chairperson may hold office for a period of three years. He or she may not be re-elected within the following three-year period. Elections are held at the specific board meeting connected with the current NOPSA conference. The elected secretary holds that office during the same three-year period as the elected chairperson.