Article References 4/2006

The foillowing is a compilation of reference material and titles from several Scandinavian publications concerning the political sciences in a variety of circumstances. At this point, I am researching the possibility of providing live links to relevant pages if they still exist online.

So far I have uncovered just reference titles as listed below. Please be patient as I work on this page to bring better and more fully informed references:

Scandinavian Political Studies 4/2006

Dietmar Rauch: Institutional Fragmentation, Institutional Engineering and the Development of Elderlycare and Childcare in Sweden

Hilde Bjørnå and Synnøve Jenssen: Prefectoral Systems and Central-Local Government Relations in Scandinavia

Rune Dahl Fitjar: Building Regions on Economic Success. Prosperity and Regionalism in Rogaland

Mikael Nygård: Welfare-Ideological Change in Scandinavia. A Comparative Analysis of Partisan Welfare-Policy Positions in Four Nordic Countries


Kimmo Grönlund and Henry Milner: The Determinants of Political Knowledge in Comparative Perspective

Hetty van Kempen: Press-party parallelism and its effects in Sweden: A longitudinal study 1979-2002

Hanna Wass: Generations and Socialization into Political Participation

Even Nilssen: Politics, profession and law. The legal development of compulsory intervention towards substance abusers in Scandinavian social law.

Vibeke Normann Andersen: Transparency and openness. A reform or education policy?

Erik Amnå & Tiina Ekman & Ellen Almgren: The End of a Distinctive Model of Democracy? Country-diverse Orientations among Young Adult Scandinavians

Claes de Vreese & Mette Tobiasen: Conflict and identity. Explaining turnout and anti-integrationist voting in the Danish 2004 elections for the European Parliament.

Toril Aalberg & Anders Todal Jenssen: Do TV debates in multiparty systems affect viewers? A quasi-experimental study with first-time voters