The XIV NOPSA Conference Iceland 2005

This is an archive page covering information released about the 2005 NOPSA conference will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland, on 11–13 August 2005.

Call for Workshop Leaders for NOPSA 2005

When meeting in Reykjavik 4-6 June 2004, the NOPSA board will draft a preliminary programme for the NOPSA Congress to be held in Reykjavik 11-13 August 2005. In cooperation with the Icelandic Political Science Association, the NOPSA secretariat has therefore issued a general call for workshop leaders. Those interested in leading a workshop in Reykjavik in August 2005 are kindly requested to make a formal request no later than 15 May 2004. The request should be forwarded to Sten Berglund ( with a copy to Ólafur Hardarson (, and should contain background information on the organisers (leader and co-leader) and a brief description of the proposed workshop.

As of early June, the NOPSA website ( will contain a link to an Icelandic website specifically devoted to the upcoming congress.


Suitable accommodation will be available for delegates and attendees of the conference in nearby hotels. Rooms will be of a high standard with bathroom and mini-bar, fully heated and with air conditioning for your comfort no matter what the weather happens to be.

Please contact the secretary beforehand for details on hotel options available. Full details including postal address, telephone number and directions by road will be sent to you by email.

Reykjavik 11–13 August 2005

Call for Papers

The NOPSA board and the host for the 2005 NOPSA Conference – the University of Iceland – invite paper proposals. Scholars and PhD students wishing to present papers are asked to submit their proposals by 10 January 2005, at the very latest. The submission should contain the following: a proposal of 250–400 words and an abbreviated curriculum vitae. Please note that the paper proposal should be sent directly to the workshop directors, as an attachment in MS Word, RTF or PDF format. The workshops are found at the official NOPSA 2005 conference web page (

The applicants whose proposals have been accepted, will be notified no later than February 2005. Applicants are advised to immediately thereafter register for the conference and book hotels and flights. Electronic registration as well as information on hotels and flights will be available at the official NOPSA 2005 conference web page, from January 2005.